Earthquake Aid to Syria

  • date 11 February 2023
  • type Donations
  • location Siria

On the 1 1 of February 2023 Kamel Ghribi announced medical aid to help the victims of the Syrian earthquake. The GKSD Chairman stated "We feel it our duty to give our contribution and this operation is possible thanks to the support of the Farnesina and the Ministry of Defence. GKSD is a strong group ready to be at the service of a Italy and to help the victims of this natural disaster”.

Air Force planes took off from Pisa military airport to transport humanitarian aid to Syria where the Syrian Red Crescent received and distributed material that consisted in four ambulances, medicine, medical devices and clothing for a total of about 50,000 items.

In addition to the ambulances and goods designated as emergecy assistance a qualified professional team of medical specialists from GSD were deployed to offer all the necessary help to their Syrian colleagues already on site. An initial team verified the type of assistance needed and will be joined on the spot by other specialists who will be called in according to need as per the Red Crescent requests. The operation to send the materials was carried out thanks to the collaboration between the GKSD, GSD and the Italian Government. In particular, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani and the Minister of Defence Guido Crosetto, who ensured the necessary support and provided access to the aeroplanes that transported the materials. The world has become smaller and more globalised; needs more immediate. The ECAM Council believes that because of this we have an obligation to give to those who have nothing and tell ourselves every day that we are the ones who can make a difference.

Italian aid for Syria leaves Pisa airport
Italian aid for Syria leaves Pisa airport
Italian aid for Syria leaves Pisa airport