past event November 01, 2021

ECAM Council Summit
Rome 2021

The ECAM Council aims to promote and develop constructive dialogue, new partnerships and strong cooperation between Europe, Africa and the MENA region, with Italy taking on the role as host nation. Dialogue and cultural awareness are not only the pillars of stable social, economic and political systems, they are also the key to conflict resolution and political deadlock. The ambitious objective of the ECAM Council is to contribute to the improvement of international relations through a series of high-level annual summits that bring together dedicated and creative individuals, governments and organisations that are willing to facilitate open and honest dialogue on such issues as healthcare, education and philanthropically funded projects. The forum also aims to take tangible steps towards encouraging investment between Europe, Africa and the Middle East in many areas, however, special focus is given to healthcare in all of its facets.

ECAM Council Summit


The Second ECAM Council Summit has taken place in Rome and offered participants a privileged observatory on healthcare developments in the priority regions of Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. In total, more than 40 governments from these regions participated in the initiative.

Rome, St. Regis Hotel

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It is a pleasure to share with you the Ministers, Heads of State, and heads of multi-lateral agencies who advocated throughout the ECAM Council forum.


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The second edition of ECAM Council is a further gateway for international cooperation in the healthcare sector across Europe, the MENA Region and the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Participants from more than 60 countries benefit from a neutral platform to encourage discussions and strengthen the focus on the healthcare sector across the aforementioned regions, with GSD and the GK Investment Holding Group playing a pivotal role as policy makers in the Middle East and Africa..


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