past event October 22 - 23, 2020

Bilateral meeting
Rome 2020

The meetings organized by ECAM Council, moderated by Gruppo San Donato and GK Investments Holding, offer high-quality content that will primarily focus on long-term investments and partnerships in health services covering infrastructure, high-tech and digital health, education, research, training and medical tourism. It is important to address the need for creating strategic health hubs in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa with particular reference to agreements between Italy, Africa and the Middle East.

Bilateral meeting

Building the future
together through

The purpose of the ECAM Council forum is to discuss the principal existing and future challenges, as well as existing opportunities, that have inevitably risen during the post COVID-19 reality within the field of healthcare across Africa and the Middle East.

Rome, Hotel Hassler

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It is a pleasure to share with you the Ministers, Heads of State, and heads of multi-lateral agencies who advocated throughout the ECAM Council forum.


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Latest reports release

The first ECAM Council was the result of an extraordinary business diplomacy effort to introduce the initiative to partner countries in the Middle East and Africa, as well as international institutions. Despite the hurdles posed by Covid-19, this effort resulted not only in a series of bilateral meetings between government officials, but also in increased brand awareness of GSD and the GK Investment Holding among policy makers in the Middle East and Africa.

Drafted exclusively for the ECAM Council–Bilateral meetings, these reports tackle strategic issues for cooperation in the healthcare sector across the Mediterranean and beyond.


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